Rossen Milanov, Music Director

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Youth Orchestra

Please review all of the requirements below carefully. Be sure to complete the Online Audition Application below as well.

  • 2 or more octaves from memory
  • Strings – showcase contrasting speeds and bow technique
  • Woodwinds/Brass – showcase contrasting speeds and tongue articulations

Edibility Requirements

  • In Grade 9th-12th
  • Participate in their school instrumental music programs
  • Take private lessons on their instrument on which they perform in CSYO
  • Audition Application

Auditionees are required to include the indicated excerpt for their instrument in the audition video. To view the prepared excerpts, click the corresponding CSYO ensemble below:

  1. Combined pieces should not exceed 6 minutes
  2. Recommended: one should be more lyrical and the second should be more technical
  3. Discuss your selection with your private teacher

Audition Timeline

“Etude #9” from Advanced Snare Drum Studies by Mitchell Peters

  • Target tempo should be dotted quarter note = 80 BPM
  • Rolls should be played as multiple bounce (buzz) rolls

“Etude No. 46” from Fundamental Method for Timpani by Mitchell Peters

  • Student will be the correct pitches and asked to tune the drums to the appropriate pitches (A on 29″ drum, D on 26″ drum, and F# on 23″ drum)
  • Target tempo should be half note – 144 BPM (slightly slower than marked)

Reading Study #3″ from Fundamental Method for Mallets by Mitchell Peters

  • Target tempo should be quarter note = 108 BPM

Scales in two octaves (B Major, C Melodic Minor, & Chromatic starting on C)

Students will be asked to sight-read basic rhythms on an accessory instrument (tambourine, triangle, or hand cymbals)

Click here to view percussion excerpts

Additional notes

  • all instruments will be provided
  • music, sticks, and mallets will be available, but the student should plan to bring their own