Principal Musician Sponsorship Program

Supporting our Columbus Symphony musicians

Supporting our Columbus Symphony musicians is a vital endorsement of your passion for transformative music in our community. By participating in the chair sponsorship program, the Columbus Symphony can continue to retain outstanding musicians, programming of the highest artistic excellence, and maintain the highest quality of life in central Ohio.

Approximately one-third of the CSO’s $9 million budget pays for musician salaries and benefits. The Columbus Symphony employs more local artists than any other organizations in Columbus.

Sponsoring a musician is a meaningful way to underwrite the art form that makes symphonic music accessible for diverse audiences throughout central Ohio.

With annual naming rights, you will receive:

  • Recognition in the Bravo! program book and on the CSO website
  • Annual dinner with your sponsored Musician, Music Director, and Executive Director
  • Invitations to special and exclusive events
  • Special updates and communication from your sponsored musicians

(No more than 2 donor households combined to underwrite chair.)

2020-2021 Sponsored Chairs include:

  • Jack and Joan George Concertmaster Chair, Joanna Frankel
  • Michael and Arlene Weiss Principal Second Violin Chair, Alicia Hui
  • Gay Su Pinnell Principal Viola Chair, Karl Pedersen
  • Andy and Sandy Ross Principal Cello Chair, Luis Biava
  • Gay Su Pinnell Assistant Principal Cello, Wendy Morton
  • Rhoma Berlin Principal Clarinet Chair, David Thomas
  • Sheldon and Rebecca Taft Principal Bassoon Chair, Betsy Sturdevant
  • Nationwide Principal Bass Chair, Rudy Albach
  • Lisa and Chris Barton Trumpet Chair, Jeffrey Korak
  • American Electric Power Foundation Principal Chair, Benjamin Ramirez

*Reinberger Foundation Principal Piano Chair, Caroline Hong
*Existing Principal Chairs

Naming Opportunities

Principal Musicians Section Musicians
Associate Concertmaster, Leonid Polonsky Violin, Michael Buccicone
Assistant Concertmaster, David Niwa Violin, David Edge
Assistant Principal Second Violin, Rhonda Frascotti Violin, Robert Firdman
Assistant Principal Viola, Brett Allen Violin, Joyce Fishman
Assistant Principal Bass, John Pellegrino Violin, Tatiana V. Hanna
Principal Flute, Niles Watson Violin, Mary Jean Petrucci
Principal Horn, Brian Mangrum Violin, Gail Norine Sharp
Associate Principal Horn, Julia Rose Violin, Zoran Stoyanovich
Principal Trumpet, Mark Grisez Violin, David Tanner
Principal Trombone, Andrew Millat Violin, Jonquil Thoms
  Viola, Mary Ann Farrington
  Viola, Kenichiro Matsuda
  Viola, Chris Saetti
  Viola, Steven Wedell
  Cello, Pei-An Chao
  Cello, Victor Firlie
  Bass, Russell Gill
  Bass, Jena Huebner
  Flute, Genevieve Stefiuk
  English Horn, Robert Royse
  Clarinet, Mark Kleine
  Bassoon, Douglas Fisher
  Horn, Adam Koch