Rossen Milanov, Music Director

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Statement of Injustice

A message from the Columbus Symphony:

The Columbus Symphony stands against racism and inequity and stands for inclusion, diversity, equality, and justice for all. We recognize and are saddened by the pain caused by racism and inequities of all kinds. We support those who are peacefully raising their voices to ensure justice, equality, and attention be given to enable our community to heal, build, and grow together.

Recently, Columbus City Council President, Shannon Hardin called on all residents to create a more just Columbus. We believe in our responsibility as an organization and as individuals to be a part of this process. We stand ready to listen, learn, and take action to better serve every child and every adult in our community. We stand ready to be a part of the healing during this time.

Several years ago, we adopted a philosophy and commitment in support of “ONE CSO,” as we firmly believe that the future is brighter when we are all in it together. Our role is to ensure that the brilliance and healing power of music is accessible to all members of the Columbus community. As individuals, as an orchestra, and as a community, we have the power to transform lives and a mutual responsibility to build a more inclusive, more peaceful, and more inspiring world.