Support the Season: In Perfect Harmony

Corporate Giving

With annual philanthropic support from businesses, the Symphony influences Columbus' standing among other major cities and contributes to a quality of life valued by employees and companies alike. The Columbus Symphony depends on contributed income for more than 70 percent of its annual budget.

Sponsorship: An Important Alliance

Corporate sponsorships reflect the important alliance between business and the arts. Partnering with the Columbus Symphony—by sponsoring a season of concerts or an evening of music, a guest artist or a special event—offers businesses highly-visible activities and events attended by multi-generational audiences. Sponsors also enjoy opportunities to network and entertain at Symphony events. CSO corporate sponsorships are available as marketing, advertising and/or public relations vehicles. Packages range from single event sponsorships to season opportunities. All sponsorships provide meaningful and measurable benefits and are competitively priced with sponsorship packages offered by other major institutions, events and venues. For more information contact Denise Rehg, Executive Director at 614.221.6161, or by email at

Foundation and Government Support: Key Funding Ensures a Vibrant Future

Foundation and government support are important resources for the Columbus Symphony. Ticket sales and other earned income account for a small percentage of the CSO's operating costs and these funders help make up the difference. Grants can provided general operating support or can be designated in support of a particular program or project.  For more information, contact Susan Ropp, Foundation and Grants Manager at 614.221.4897, or by email at