• Huberman Violin Essay
    Huberman Violin Essay

    By Joshua Bell

    Read all about Joshua Bell's 300 year old violin, the 1713 Huberman Stradivarius, and it's special Jewish history.

  • In the News: Link Up
    In the News: Link Up

    WTTE FOX 28 visited our Link Up concert designed by Carnegie Hall! Hear what Rossen Milanov has to say about the event and the excitement it brings to the students and the Orchestra.

  • Music Educator Awards
    Music Educator Awards

    Congratulations to our Music Educator Award winners Kathy Larkins, Constantino Benedetti, and John Laswell who continue to inspire a love of music in the children and adults in central Ohio.

  • The Columbus Symphony welcomes Andrés Lopera
    The Columbus Symphony welcomes Andrés Lopera

    The Columbus Symphony is excited to welcome Andrés Lopera as its new assistant conductor and music director of the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestras! Read all about it here.

  • Inspire Future Generations
    Inspire Future Generations

    You can help to secure the future of the Columbus Symphony by supporting the Future. Inspired. Endowment Campaign. Now is the time to strengthen OUR community through transformative music, in perpetuity, with OUR Orchestra.