Columbus Symphony Champions

Become a member of the Columbus Symphony Champions! Help us plan an even brighter future!

As the Symphony plans its future, it is critical that we are able to depend on your continued support. Today, we hope you will help us to plan more effectively by committing to a recurring gift or multi-year pledge. Doing so would truly make you a Columbus Symphony Champion and enable us to fulfill our mission to Inspire and Build a Strong Community through Music. While we continue to pivot and change the ways in which we deliver great music for our community, we also look to a time soon when COVID is a part of our past. When, as with all crises, we will enter the post-pandemic period with lessons learned and insight gained that will continue to create new opportunities for our community. 

Committing to repeating your impact as a champion on a monthly, quarterly, or multi-year basis will provide a dependable and stable foundation for our future, allowing the Columbus Symphony to rise to new heights.


Why Recurring Gifts?

Recurring gifts and multi-year pledges create a meaningful contribution by offering a steady and dependable stream of support that allows us to plan more effectively, and is also a convenient way to increase your annual gift to the Columbus Symphony through an affordable payment option.

It is not only during, but after the threat of the COVID-19 public health crisis passes that our greatest financial need to build a strong, long-term base for the orchestra will become a defining moment for our future. Ticket sales account for less than one-third of our revenue, and the Symphony will face our most demanding challenge when the musicians return to perform on stage, but without the support of a full audience in the concert hall.

 The Columbus Symphony has embarked on a new era as a national exemplar of a vibrant and dynamic orchestra. With your help, we can plan and build a future illuminated with the joy and inspiration that only music can provide for generations to come.    



As Columbus Symphony Champions, your generous contribution and commitment to building a financially secure base for the future will be acknowledged in print and digital form for the next two seasons, including:

  • Annual Report
  • Bravo! Concert Program Book
  • Columbus Symphony Website
  • Marketing and Promotional Collateral


Champions Listing 2020/21