Benefit Week

Join us for the 2022 Columbus Symphony Cares About Kids: On the Road to a Noteworthy Future, a virtual Benefit for the Children of Central Ohio on March 7-12 at!

The annual Benefit has been transformed into a weeklong event of musician outreach and celebration of the music education programs that truly make a difference to the young people in our community. Each of our full-time musicians donate their time and talent to provide educational outreach opportunities to children throughout central Ohio such as coaching, mentoring, and presentations in-person and virtually for students in local schools and social service non-profits!

The Columbus Symphony Cares About Kids virtual event is an uplifting and inspirational program to support our growing education programs. The virtual Benefit creates a space online for our most dedicated supporters to make a difference to tens of thousands of children, families, and teachers who benefit from quality music education resources.

Because of your support, the Symphony will ensure that music inspires, sparks creativity, and nurtures intellectual development for over 66,000 children through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Columbus Symphony Cares About Kids:
On the Road to a Noteworthy Future!

March 7-12, 2022 

Hosted by Shannon Hardin
Columbus City Council President 

2022 Benefit Committee
Lois H. Allen
Robert and Susan Cochran
Tom W. Davis
David and Nanci Gobey
Varun Mahajan, MD, DABR
Tracy Peters
Gay Su Pinnell
Ramona Reyes





Gay Su Pinnell




Kirk Williams Company
Lisa & Chris Barton
Joseph A. & Linda J. Chlapaty
Robert & Susan Cochran
Dr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Cunningham
Nanci and David Gobey
Mr. Eric T. Johnson & Dr. Rachel G. Mauk
Eric Linsley and Michelle Kerr
Andrew and Bette Millat
Chris & Susan Timm
Joseph Wisne and Bridgette Mariea

Vanessa & George Arnold
Jim and Margaret Boggs
Whitney Crane and Bill Roddick
Mr. C. John Easton
Bebe & John Finn
Dan Hanket
Cheryl & Wayne Rickert
Drs. Grant Wallace & Stephanie Davis Wallace

Lois H. Allen 
The Aspery Family
Dr. Connie Bauer
Felicia Bernardini
Frank Birinyi and Chriss Mascaro
Drs. Annie Marie Garraway and Ira W. Deep
Whitney Crane & Bill Roddick
Bill Goodyear and David Riggs
Cindy & Larry Hilsheimer
Michael Huggett
Linda and Frank Kass
Mary K. Lazarus
Skip & Mary Ann Loeb  
Dr. Steven & Dr. Maria Rosenthal
Amy & Alan Shore
Libby Stearns
Barbara and Michael Taxier
Susan and Nathan Yost

Jim & Susan Berry
Alfred H. Bivins
Carol Ann Bradley
Connie & Denny Cahill
Janet L. Cox
Ruth Decker
Cornelia Ferguson
Brian and Karen Gardener

The Josenhans Family
Debra Martin
Robert & Lori Morrison
Gail & Philip Nelson
Marcia and Jared Nodelman
Drs. Deborah Parris and David Bisaro
Lois Rosow
Ronald and Ramona Whisler

For more information on the CSO Cares About Kids Benefit sponsorships, please contact Stephanie Davis Wallace at 614.221.5411 or

2022 Benefit Brochure