Columbus Symphony Orchestra Musicians

Niles Watson

Principal Flute

Niles Watson, from Damascus, MD, joined the Columbus Symphony in February of 2019. He is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, where he spent two seasons playing full time with the Philadelphia Orchestra. With Curtis on Tour, as well as with the Philadelphia Orchestra, he has played extensively across the US and abroad.

As a winner of the Greenfield Competition, Niles made his solo debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra in 2011. He has also been a soloist with the National Symphony, the Valley Forge Orchestra, and the Amerita Chamber Players.

Playing with the Qwinda Woodwind Quintet, Niles toured Colorado as part of the Bravo! Vail Young Professionals in Residence in 2016. He was also in residence with Qwinda at Music from Angel Fire, working at schools and playing local concerts.

In his free time, Niles enjoys hiking, lifting weights, racing with go-karts and online in Gran Turismo, and fishing, though he is not very good at any of them.