The Columbus Symphony is here to use our unique assets to increase artistic excellence, elevate our community's status and stature, and grow the economic impact of arts throughout the region. We play an integral part in making Columbus a cultural destination through the "We are here for you" program's success and direction.

The Columbus Symphony is here for the business community. We are committed to contributing to the mental and physical health and well-being of employees that support the robust and vibrant industries across central Ohio through a number of exciting opportunities, including:

• Mindful Music Moments: Whether your employees are working in-person or virtually, the Columbus Symphony has launched Mindful Music Moments for business partners – a weekly wellness program incorporating classical music and providing virtual tools to help relieve stress and strengthen mindfulness.
o Incorporate this program with ease! You receive a playlist of 52 weeks worth of mindfulness music & wellness prompts. Send a link or implement it on your employee portal and all your employees do to enjoy is click and tune-in.


• Corporate Concerts: The Symphony is taking the full orchestra and the inspiration of music off the stage and into corporate offices. Performances are available for your company's special events and milestone celebrations.

To sign your business up for any of the above programs or learn more, contact our Business Development Manager, Katelyn Rush, at [email protected]