Mindful Music Moments


Mindful Music Moments 

Presented by Columbus Symphony and created by The Well


Four-minute modules featuring mindfulness prompts and classical music that bring calm and focus to every school day.  Involvement in this program creates a calm and focused start to each school day, endeavoring to reduce anxiety, foster a beneficial learning environment, and nurture a positive association with classical music.

For 2023-2024, the mindful moment curriculum corresponds with CSO education programs such as our Young People’s Concerts and In-School performances.

*  Free for all Columbus City Schools and Columbus pre-schools. 

 * Each week a core mindfulness essential skill is paired with a weekly musical performance selection.

 * Throughout the week, students explore each skill and selection through different lenses to create a rich mindful and musical experience.  


Click here to see an example of one week's visual aid.  

Click here for more information on the Columbus Mindful Music Program.


Benefits include:

  • A plug and play easy to use weblink

  • Create a daily ritual of calm and focus to set the tone for learning. 

  • Access to a unique password for the entire school community so the program can also be used by students virtually.

  • Free classroom support materials and training for parents and staff. 


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