Classroom Programs FAQs

Classroom Programs FAQs

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How do I register for the Young People's Concerts?

Use the convenient registration button located near each concert description. You may either supply credit card payment information or request an invoice be sent.

When will I receive my tickets? 

We do not issue individual tickets. Instead, your school's name will be listed with the ushers and you will check in upon arrival. You will be contacted to confirm your order.

If I need to change or cancel my order at the last minute, what should I do?

Please contact the Columbus Symphony Education Department immediately with any changes to your order. Additional seating may be purchased depending upon availability, but unfilled seats may not be returned after purchase. Please understand that refunds are not possible for any reason.

Do you have pre-concert educational materials?

Yes. Pre-concert materials for teachers and students are mailed or delivered approximately four weeks before the concert, so please include a street address. If you materials must go to a central delivery address, be sure to include that.

What time should my group arrive at the Ohio Theatre?

Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin.

How long will the concert last?

Young People’s Concerts are approximately 45-60 minutes long. depending on the targeted age. 

Is parking available for buses?

Parking is often available for buses on State St. across from the Ohio Theatre. Automobiles can be parked in the underground State House parking garage off Third Street for a fee or at an available parking meter. Additional information will be sent with pre-concert materials.

Is the Ohio Theatre handicapped accessible?

Yes. If your group includes students or teachers with physical disabilities, please be certain to note this on your registration. 

Are my students allowed to bring cameras?

The use of flash photography and other recording devices during the concert is strictly forbidden. However, students may take pictures of the theatre before and after the concert.

My group will need to eat lunch immediately after the concert. What should I do?

Food and drinks are not permitted in the Ohio Theatre. If your group will be bringing lunches, you will be asked to leave them elsewhere in the theatre before entering the concert hall. Space for group lunches is available on the State House lawn, the Columbus Commons, or other nearby locations. Please let the education department know ahead of time if you plan to bring lunches.