Individual Support

With gratitude, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra acknowledges all of our individual donors.

Individual Partners

With gratitude, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra acknowledges all of our individual donors. This publication lists names of donors who made gifts, pledges and in-kind donations of $600 or more from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017.

$250,000 and Above
Jack and Joan George
Anne Melvin*

$150,000 – $249,999
Gay Su Pinnell
Martha Sliter Sheeran*

$50,000 – $149,999
Mrs. Rhoma Berlin
CSO Musicians Outreach Fund of The Columbus Foundation
Andy and Sandy Ross

$25,000 – $49,999
Anonymous (4)
Lisa and Chris Barton
G. Ross and Patricia Bridgman
Joseph A. and Linda J. Chlapaty
Robert A. and Susan Cochran
Nancy Jeffrey
George D. Ryerson*
Sheldon and Rebecca Taft
David H. and Rachel B. Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weiss

$10,000 – $24,999
Lois H. Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Cunningham
Tom W. Davis
Dr. Johanna DeStefano
Francille and John Firebaugh
The Rev. Earl and Pauline Fritz
James Garland and Carol Andreae
Cindy and Larry Hilsheimer
Chris and Tonia Irion
Michelle Kerr
Doug and Monica Kridler
James T. Lawrence*
Mary Lazarus
Vera Jane Osborne*
Margaret Renner
Lucy Seabrook and Brian Deas
Amy and Alan Shore
George and Patricia Smith
Kim and Judith Swanson
Scott White
John and Christine Willig

$5,000 – $9,999
Anonymous (5)
Michael Ahern and Sandy Doyle-Ahern
George Barrett
Don M. Casto
Ted and Lynn Coons
Loann Crane
Patricia A. Cunningham and Craig R. Hassler
Marjorie O. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. C. John Easton
John and Bebe Finn
Nancy and Tom Lurie
Michael and Angela Mahaffey
Lawrence and Katherine Mead
David and Mary Beth Meuse
Rossen Milanov
Neil and Christine Mortine
Tom and Melanie Murray
Anne Powell-Riley
Howard and Sandra Pritz
Martyn and Lynne Redgrave
Lisa Rhyan and Daniel Zambory
Tadd and Nancy Seitz
Steve and Lindsey Snethkamp
Thomas R. Gross Family Foundation
Craig D. and Connie Walley
Gifford Weary and David Angelo
Tom and Gwen Weihe
Willis S. White Jr.

$2,750 – $4,999
Jim and Susan Berry
Lynn A. Bird
Alfred H. Bivins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Brinker
Dorothy Burchfield
Dorothy Loew Cameron
Barbara L. Chuko
Cathy and John Conner
James and Ruth Decker
Cornelia B. Ferguson
Barbara E. Goettler
Harris Family Foundation
Marilyn Harris
Mr. Eric T. Johnson and Dr. Rachel G. Mauk
Rosemary Joyce
Alan and Ginny Litzelfelner
Elliott Luckoff and Fran Luckoff
Don Lynne
Dr. Varun and Dr. Monica Mahajan
Mark and Christine McHenry
Anne T. Melvin and Mark C. Melvin
Robert and Lori Morrison
Jane P. Mykrantz
Carol O'Mara
Ron and Ann Pizzuti
Douglas and Patricia Slusher
Ernest and Aurelia Stern Fund of The Columbus Jewish Foundation*
Susan Tomasky and Ron Ungvarsky

$1,200 – $2,749
Anonymous (6)
Judith H. Ahlbeck
Nick and Donna Akins
Eleanor Alvarez
Rita Barnum
Paul and Tere Beck
Felicia Bernardini
Nadine Block
Kenneth and Laura Bowen
Patricia and James Caldwell
Donna Cavell
Pam Conrad
Janet and Robert Cox
Beth Crane and Richard McKee
Jameson Crane
Carl Cummins
Denis Danchine and Natalia Jouikova
Eugene C. D'Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Dare
Garrett and Sidney Dill
Gary and Barbara Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Driskell
Alex Fischer and Lori Barreras
Kenneth Freedman
Judy Garel
Donald and Eydie Garlikov
Gene Gilliom
Robert and Beverly Goldie
Dr. J. Daniel Good
The Habash Family
Mr. Jeff Harris
Richard Hillis
Ellis and Beverly Hitt
Ted and Eileen Huston
Fred and Judy Isaac
Ronald Jenkins and William Davis
Daniel L. Jensen
Kiehner Johnson
Steve and Diane Jones
The Josenhans Family
Linda and Frank Kass
Mary and Tom Katzenmeyer
Sandra Kight
Betsy Knies
Polly Lindemann
John and Gerlinde Lott
Jeffrey and Wendy Luedke
Lowell and Nancy MacKenzie
David Manderscheid and Susan Lawrence
Dale Masel and Roberto McClin
Sondra Matter
Matteson Garcia Family
Dr. Violet Meek and Dr. Don M. Dell
Bonnie and David Milenthal
Lisa Morris
Mervin and Barbara Muller
Greg and Alicia Overmyer
Jay Panzer and Jennifer Heitmeyer
Dr. Deborah Parris and Dr. David Bisaro
Paul and Colette Peterson
Doug Preisse
Jim Reardon
Denise Rehg
Wayne and Cheri Rickert
Maryann Rinsch
Lois E. Robison
Ann Royer
David R. Schooler
Robert and Ann Shelly
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Shepard
Joyce Shuman
Larry and Cheryl Simon
Robert and Anita Smialek
Nancy Strause
E. Thomas and Elizabeth Sturges
Eric and Michelle Sutphin
Jacqueline M. Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Jennifer Tiell and Mark Adelsperger
Chris and Susan Timm
Nancy and Ray Traub
Dr. Constance Bauer and James Vaughan
Jane Ware
Francis and Lillian Webb
Chad and Melinda Whittington
Robert and Carole Wilhelm
Jane B. Young
Greg Zanetos

$600 – $1,199
Anonymous (10)
John and Elizabeth Allemong
Allene N. Gilman Charitable Trust
Michelle Andre
Sine-Marie and John Ayres
Richard and Sharon Bates
Paul and Jan Baumer
William and Jean Bay
Christopher Beam
Mr. G. Brent Bishop
Jim and Margaret Boggs
Carol Ann Bradley
Mrs. Margaret Broekema
John Brownley
Joseph Buonaiuto
Marjorie and John Burnham
Amy and Jim Chapman
Paul Chodak
Lorrie Clark
Derrick Clay
Matthew Cohen and Susan Geary
Ron and Janice Cook
Jeff and Lorie Copeland
Lisa and Tom Courtice
Michael S. and Paige D. Crane
Philip and Susan DeVol
Mary Kay and Bill Dickinson
Darrell and Ann Dreher
Charles and Alice Driscoll
Diane and Andy Dunn
English Family Foundation
Frank and Jean Forsythe
Linda Gabel
Michelle Galligan
Robert G. Gardler
Martin and Dorothy Gelender
Sylvia Golberg
Don Good
Greg Gorospe
Catherine Graf
Barna J. Graves
Thomas R. Gross Jr.
Richard and Linda Gunther
David and Jackie Haas
Beth and Bob Hamilton
Brian Harp
Barry Harris
Ruth Harris
Larry Hayes and Paul Williams
Roland and Lois Hornbostel
Jeffrey Family Fund
Belinda Jones
Douglas N. and Darlene V. Jones
Raymond and Karen Karlsberger
Mike and Linda Kaufmann
John D. Kennedy
A. Douglas and Helen Kinghorn
Tim and Michele Koenig
Kay Leonard and Walter Watkins
John Looman
Talvis Love
Frederick Loyd
Manfred and Rose Luttinger
Margaret A. Malone
George and Carolyn McConnaughey
Doug and Cookie McIntyre
David and Betty Meil
Patricia Melvin
Janice G. Minton
Frank R. Morris
Nacht Hilbrands Rackoff Families
Mrs. Peter Neckermann
Nancy Neimuth
Annegreth T. Nill and Bruce C. Posey
Ann and Bob Oakley
Sandy Osterholtz
David R. Packer and Linda C. Nusbaum
Ellin and Richard Patchen
Charles Patton
Gerri and Loyal Peterman
Ben and Rebecca Ramirez
Judy and Dean Reinhard
Richard H. and Judith B. Reuning
Matt Scantland
Lenore Schottenstein
Lee Shackelford
Alaina Shearer and Seth Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon N. Shecket
Diane and Jim Slagle
Marcia Katz Slotnick
Bill and Maggie Stadtlander
Pavana and Thomas Stetzik
Rebecca Stilson and Mike Sullivan
Margie and Mike Sullivan
Raja Sundararajan and Bhooma Raghunathan
Rachel Thurston and Steve Caudill
Claryss B. Tobin
Robert and Kathleen Trafford
Leah Tsamous and John Haight
Dana Ullom
Dr. James and Jacquelyn Vaughan
Richard H. and Margaret R. Wagner
Drs. Grant Wallace and Stephanie Davis Wallace
Richard and Jane Ward
Carole Watkins
Joel and Barbara Weaver
Hugh Westwater
Becky Wright
Joe and Carol Zanetos
Jane H. Zimmerman