Columbus Symphony Orchestra Musicians

Jack Jenny

Jack Jenny has been a member of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s percussion section since 1977. Over that same time span he has served on the teaching staff of Otterbein University where he is a senior lecturer. His teaching duties there include applied percussion, percussion ensemble, percussion methods, sophomore theory (18th through 21st century styles), advanced theory (Schenkerian technique and post-tonal theory) and advanced electro-acoustic music. He is also timpanist with the Westerville Symphony. Jack studied percussion with former CSO principal, James Moore, at The Ohio State University. His doctorate is in music composition (also from The Ohio State University) where he studied with Marshall Barnes and Thomas Wells. Jack is a native of Columbus; his wife, Laurie, directs the Olentangy Church Child Care Center; daughter, Devon, is a chemical/environmental engineer in the local office of Gresham, Smith and Partners, a consulting firm out of Nashville; and youngest daughter, Kristen, teaches music and physical education at St. Timothy School, also in Columbus.

Jack is an active composer of both acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Recently, he attended the Society of Composers, Inc. national conference and judged the Ohio PTA Reflections Program Student Composition Competition Senior Division. He enjoys gardening, hiking and bicycling.