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Masterworks 18-19

2018 - 2019

The Columbus Symphony's 2018-19 Masterworks series is a celebration of the excellence of the orchestra. This season will mark Milanov’s fourth as artistic leader of the organization, and first of his contract extension through 2025. 

“Music is the universal language that unites people, bridges social divisions, inspires us to be the best we can be, and elevates our aspirations. The Columbus Symphony and I are fortunate to have the privilege of being your orchestra and source of inspiration,” stated Milanov. “With these guiding principles, it is my great pleasure to present to you our 2018-19 Masterworks season. We would like to think of our concerts as a collection of irresistibly unique experiences that will provide a wide array of choices for you to consider. This year’s primary focus will be on the Columbus Symphony itself—its wonderful musicians and their virtuosity!”

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    In Full Splendor: Opening Night at the Symphony

    Masterworks 1
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    Leonard Bernstein Centennial Celebration

    Masterworks 2
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    Italian Festival

    Masterworks 3
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    Handel: Messiah

    Masterworks 4
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    Russian Winter Festival I: Leningrad Symphony

    Masterworks 5
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    Russian Winter Festival II: Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto

    Masterworks 6
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    Beethoven Marathon: Joanna Plays Beethoven

    Masterworks 7
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    Spanish Flamenco Festival

    Masterworks 8
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    Nordic Myths Festival

    Masterworks 9
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    Mozart: Requiem

    Masterworks 10
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    The Trumpet Shall Sound

    Masterworks 11
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    Mahler Five

    Masterworks 12