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The Life & Times of Beethoven

This creative family concert will spark imagination in your kids and have them moving in their seats to the joyful sounds of Beethoven! Pre-concert activities begin at 2 pm and include musical crafts, instruments to see and play, conducting lessons, musical tattoos, and more! Family concerts are recommended for kids ages 3-10.

Kids tickets only $8!


About this concert:

Professor Nigel Taproot, the affable and learned classical music aficionado, invites you to an original Really Inventive Stuff program for families celebrating Beethoven, his remarkable age, and four famous notes. Featuring the music of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, with a playful peppering of fascinating facts and timely trivia. (Did you know Washington was president during Beethoven's lifetime?  Roller skates were invented, too!) This enlightening performance is a splendid introduction to Beethoven's musical genius.

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